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We provide you not only with a clean and well coded theme but also with top notch support.

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WPLMS comes packed with inbuilt child themes and tons of built-in options for customising it.

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WPLMS intuitive interface allows it to use from Class room coaching to online classes and variety of other purposes.

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Top selling theme

With over 5000 sales, it is #1 selling theme in education category for WordPress themes.

Design Quality

Great design, lots of options and the author continues to update this awesome system and theme. It´s so worth it!!

Feature Availability

There is not a WordPress theme equivalent that surpasses the instant functionality and capability of WPLMS.

Code Quality

If it cost 10x the price, the capable corporate training & development manager would buy it ten times over. It is worth 100x more than it is sold for.

Customer support

They continuously update the theme and it is easy to get answers in the support forums. Best purchase EVER!


Because all business are differents. They understand that and they made a nice plugin that for sure suit your need. Thanks a lot!

Documentation quality

An excellent product, full of features, with great documentation (including video tutorials) and online support. Thank you for your good work!


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